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 Enrollment Information 


Our Group Childcare is a family one, our main focus is to help our children and their families to feel safe when leaving their little ones daily. For this reason, we keep our parents informed of the daily activities of their little ones from when they arrive at our Childcare until they are picked up. Parents have access to a mobile application in which they will receive meals, diaper changes, nap time, body temperature, supplies among other information.

Ways to Pay

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There is an enrollment fee of $60.00

 Snacks & Lunches 

Our perishable foods are refrigerated.
We have a menu that is planned by a registered dietitian so your child eats nutritious meals at all times.
At Growing up Together Group Childcare we welcome all breastfeeding mothers and have careful policies to separate breast milk from formula.

Image by Julian Scagliola
Eating Watermelon
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